Listing of available equipment:

We provide experienced, expert analysis of work that needs to be accomplished to reduce your equipment's newsprint handling width.
A complete analysis of steps required to reduce newsprint width from original copy through to the printed page.

Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC will provide you with:

Rexroth / Endramat Large Servo Motor Model MHD112-058PGO-BN Gently Used
Rexroth / Endramat Small Servo Motor Model MHD093-058-NGO-BA Gently Used
Rexroth / Endramat Alpha Gear Box In Line Type SP140-MC1-10-061-000, 10:1 Ratio Gently Used
Rexroth / Endramat Alpha Gear Box In Line Type SP1005-MC1-7-OK1-2K, 7:1 Ration Gently Used
Community Floor Unit 22-3/4" cutoff; banana style throw ontoff handles
SC Folder, 1/2 & 1/4 folder, 22-3/4" cutoff; with 50 H.P. motor & drive
Goss SSC Stacked Unit , 21-1/2" cutoff; non-factory, completely rebuilt,
no decking
Goss SSC 4-Hi Tower, 22-3/4" cutoff
Goss SSC Folders, 21-1/2" & 22-3/4" cutoff, with 1/4 folder
Goss SSC Upper Formers
Goss Urbanite Folder 1000 series, 22-3/4" cutoff, 1/2 folder, no motor or
Goss Urbanite Folder 1400 series, 22-3/4" cutoff, 1/2 folder
Goss Urbanite Units, 22-3/4" cutoff
Goss Urbanite Units 1200 series, 22-3/4" cutoff
Press Drives- new & used, designed for DC or AC, shafted applications
Tech Express Perforating System- manual or fully automated,
grooveless roller allows to perforation anywhere, in-line perforating
3-Knife Trimmer

Equipment is constantly changing-Call for more information!

Goss Community SSC add-on stack unit, rebuilt

Add color capacity to your existing pressroom with a rebuilt unit. Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC can provide a stacked unit rebuilt to your specifications.

Add-on stack unit, Equipment Distributors in Ciabolo, TX


Rebuilding Procedures
Dismantling / Cleaning
Side Frame Preparation
Cylinder & Drum Preparation
Sub-assembly & Parts Preparation
customized Features & Options
available with all rebuilt presses



Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Our team excels in rebuilding and repairing printing equipment of every make and model. We provide on–site frame boring and sleeving. We not only do routine repairs and maintenance we all do complete web width reductions. You can count on Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC to do perform the job correctly, on time and on budget!

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