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One of the most important parts of a newspaper is the pressroom. Without it, there'd be no newspaper. And in a deadline-driven world, machine failure can be disastrous. Any press operator knows that spot repairs, day to day maintenance, assembly and disassembly of any of the machines in the pressroom can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Cramped spaces don't make the job any easier, either. That's why Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC recommends having mini ratchet sets handy to make an arduous task a little bit simpler.

At Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC, we have a selection of mini ratchet sets that you can choose from everything from Chapmans sets and Bondhus sets down to replacement bits for your tools. The mini ratchets we stock might be small, but they can produce up to 400 inch pounds (in-lbs.) of torque. Each Mini Ratchet Tool Set comes with a handle, a comprehensive selection of bits and a rugged polyethylene case for easy storage.

Even if you aren't working in the pressroom, mini ratchets are a versatile solution for any number of tasks where odd angles or confined spaces can keep you from using traditional tools. In fact, order one set for use at work and another for home.

And remember, Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC doesn't just have the tools to keep your pressroom running; we also specialize in printing press parts, service and repairs. Order online, call us, or E-mail for more information.

Super Mini Rachet

The Super Mini Ratchet Set Is a powerful kit, which is capable of providing a 400 in–lb of torque. They have a working arc of 12 degrees allowing it to work in extremely tight areas. Reverse action is accomplished by flipping the ratchet over.

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