Urbanite Web Tensioner

The Noble Manufacturing & Supply, LLC Pneumatic Web Tensioner can be used on any press. The tensioner is used for color leads. The problems with the standard braking systems are that they brake the paper roll. As the roll changes diameter, the tension on the web changes as well. Also, speed may change the tension of the web. When you change speeds, the standard brake will cause your registration to move. Bad brake blocks, brake drums and paper roll shafts may cause the registration to move. The web tensioners brake the web only as it passes through the tensioner. This assures that the tension remains the same throughout the roll and the run.



Web Tensioner Features

Registration control
Ease to adjust
Paper Waste Control
Lower cost
Easy installation
Low profile

The design used on Urbanite/Suburban roll stands is mounted in the infeed roller center. Other tensioner types are mounted between the roll and the first press in the color lead. They use valuable room. In our design there are no parts between the roll stand and the unit.

Web Tensioner

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